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    High technological engineering to overcome the limits of the present

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    Let’s go back to giving competence the right value

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    Technological innovation is the man’s work of art not content with

  • We connect to optimize results

    The success of a system goes beyond the sum of the individual parts.

  • Plant as a flagship

    When the design integrates innovation and efficiency

  • From the row of a code to the final result

    The insight and the accuracy make the difference

Company profile

4E+ ltd is an engineering company based on the wide know-how of a young and dynamic group of professionals engineers and architects, whose goal is to offer its customers a 360 degrees embedded and innovative service in the civil, industrial and service engineering field.

Every performed activity comes from the high problem solving skill in the design and implementation of complex technological systems, products and services, regardless of the application sector.

The 4E+ ltd company is a lab for the development of new ideas, products and best-practices and it guarantees innovative, embedded and efficient solutions in every phase of the life cycle management process.

Eng. Andrea Pistoli
Chief executive officer

He is one of the founding partners of 4E+ ltd. Today He is the Legal representative and Technical Director of the Automation sector of 4E+ ltd.

Degree in Electronic Engineering of Automatic Control at the Politecnica delle Marche.
In his professional career he worked for major companies as an expert in automation, embedded software developer and embedded HMI.
He’s a consultant for the analysis, development and prototyping of embedded systems related to the automatic control systems and ICT, in civil and industrial application.
He deals with the design and programming of Home and Building Automation systems in the civil field; instead, he deals with the design and the implementation of software for the management and control of production in the industrial field.

Eng. Michele Barbarini
Chief executive officer

He is one of the founding partners of 4E+ ltd. Today he is the Legal representative and Technical Director of the Civil Design sector of 4E+ ltd.

Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture at the Politecnica delle Marche.
He is expert in qualifying the building process and in organizing the building site.
He was Technical Manager of Construction Company, he directly followed all the existing construction sites and personally managed two orders in Olbia (OT, Italy): the first order concerned the construction of two buildings of particular architectural merit, while the second concerned the construction of a small eight flats condo.
He is also expert in the public and private pools construction. He deals with architectural planning, costification, research materials and innovative products, setting up work and supervision of works.
He elaborates energy diagnosis and designs energy efficiency interventions both for the plants and the building envelope.
He was a consultant for a company specialized in excavations, hydraulic works and renovations, he was also involved in the training of internal technical personnel.

embedded solutions


Civil Planning

4E+ offer design, consulting and works management services in the field of civil residential or commercial structures or in the field of service sector in general.

4E+ presents itself as a single point of reference to the client, for each activity aimed at the design and implementation of renovation, redevelopment or new architectural and plant construction.

Through the adoption of the embedded design of the systems serving buildings, the definition of the plant and structural components is considered as a unitary system, ensuring the highest degree of energy efficiency and economic-financial sustainability.

Industrial Automation

4E+ deals with monitoring and control systems for production lines by means of software, from the minimal level (MES) to the whole management system, for many years.

Being able to control the production cycle in real time even remotely and manage its interruptions or malfunctions in a timely manner, offers companies the possibility of exponentially increasing their efficacy and their production efficiency.

Since the industrial automation for this year is still tax incentivized by the state with the laws relating to 4.0 Industry, 4E + offers on-site consultancy and assessment services for the possibility of using these facilities. In conclusion, the “Asseveration” or feasibility analysis service is also carried out.

4E+ is also expert in the design and commissioning of production lines.

Products and Services Development

The toll conception, design, development, and pre-production of electronic products or software is the 4E+ department with the highest engineering know-how.

4E+ applies the Systems Engineering to the planning activities of every order and type starting from the advice in every phase of Life-Cycle Management, developping high quality and high technological value products.

Home & Building Automation

4E is able to design and implement integrated systems that modulate all possible automation solutions based on the needs and the best customer opportunity.

The excellent results in the embedded planning comes from the experience as System Integrator in the realization of the building automation systems which have the energy efficiency and ease of use of systems and controlled spaces as their main guideline, including the help and support for the disabled, elderly or not, for a more autonomous life in an Ambient Assisting Living.

4E+ transposes the coordinated management of technological systems, of the IT and communication networks to the buildings designated to offer services of the tertiary sector.

4E+ transposes the coordinated management of technological systems, IT and communication networks to the buildings which offer services of the tertiary sector.


4E+ offers an engineering advice service based on our designers’ know-how which is at the highest levels of the national and European technological applications that can be implemented today.

The 4E+ modus operandi foresees to follow the client from the pre-competitive analysis phase up to the definition and validation of the life-cycle management, according to the System Engineering criteria and by the means of the tools and techniques defined by the INCOSE .

Professional Training Courses

4E+ organizes professional training courses to disseminate best practices regarding plant construction of any carat and kind, as well as for the embedded design system. We share the skills we hold to promote the growth of the professionals attending the courses and therefore of the territory in which they operate.

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moduli datexel



Datexel Ltd is an Italian company that has nationally and internationally established itself as a manufacturer of innovative electronic equipment for industrial automation and for process control in the main sectors:

– Energy Production
– Oil sector
– Food sector
– Pharmaceutical sector
– Chemical Industry
– Water treatment
– Automation & Engineering sectors
– Paper sector

After you logged in our website you can purchase digital and analog IO modules with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP interface.



Panasonic telephone switchboard suitable for offices, small or medium-sized businesses which want to exploit the maximum analog expandability, but which are also thinking about the future and don’t want to give up the migration on VoIP, integrating a WiFi network and mobile interiors on smartphones.

It integrates easily and quickly with the work environment, creating a really complete communication solution that supports voice, video and remote calls.

It acts as a telephone system and simultaneously as a network device thanks to the integrated wi-fi router and access point.

The product is scalable to cope with future company expansions without any matter.

After you logged in our web site you can purchase the switchboard and the IP phones to be configured but also, in case, the programming service by our technicians, filling out the appropriate form.


embedded sistem for home&building automation

Il Domix è un sistema ideato per la Home Automation costituito da schede elettroniche in comunicazione fra loro su BUS Ethernet , le cui funzioni sono configurabili attraverso una pagina web disponibile nel WebServer integrato.

Il firmware di gestione delle funzioni di automazione implementa tecniche e strategie di gestione impiantistica considerate “on the edge” anche nei confronti dei livelli di classe A delle categorie individuate dai BACS per l’automazione di edificio. Il Domix comprende anche un software TBM (Technical Bulding Management) che è il secondo fondamentale elemento che costituisce il sistema e che fornisce l’interfaccia verso l’utilizzatore del sistema di Automazione.

Nel tempo il sistema Domix è stato integrato dal My-Door, un modulo supplementare che è finalizzato all’ Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in grado di aumentare e rendere più sicura l’autonomia di vita fra le mura domestiche delle persone anziane e non, con limitati deficit o handicap, permettendo di prolungare più a lungo una vita indipendente fra le mura domestiche.


Temperature – Tracking – Logger

Il 4TTLOG è un Logger di temperatura ambiente (da -10°C a + 80°C ) configurabile in molti parametri di funzionamento.

E’ stato sviluppato come prodotto per la tracciabilità di merci (es. farmaci) che devono viaggiare a temperatura controllata.

Il dispositivo è programmabile attraverso l’interfaccia RFID: ad esempio, è possibile impostare il valore o i valori delle temperature soglia (massima e/o minima) da monitorare, il tempo di campionamento con cui rilevare e salvare nella memoria interna la temperatura ambiente corrente, il tempo di funzionamento nella modalità logger impostata.

Il dispositivo, inoltre, è in grado di salvare nella memoria flash interna informazioni aggiuntive a quelle strettamente inerenti le temperature.

Al termine della singola operatività è possibile arrestare e mettere in stand-by il dispositivo fino al successivo utilizzo.

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