Elettronic and Control Device

The wide DATEXEL range is complete with a variety of Modules: Transmitters, Temperature Converters (both Analogue and Digital), Galvanic Isolators, Signal Duplicators, Distributed I/O Modules, PLC A/D Interface Modules, Alarm Thresholds, Power Supplies, Isolators for Current Loop, Digital Measurers and Indicators.

These products represent Innovative Solutions which can cover the main sectors of Civil and Industrial Automation: energy, oil, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, water treatment, automation & engineering, paper, Home and Building Automation.

The technological innovation and the search for embedded solutions allow us to provide customers with an exclusive service: the work process takes place automatically with the use of advanced machinery (pick and place for assembly) and the products are tested at 100% thanks also to the aid of specific software and instrumentation periodically subjected to calibration. At the following link you can get more information about DATEXEL S.r.l.